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Huntington Beaches feel like an escape from civilization. Leave reality behind and create your very own beach dream. Vacations, relocation and even day trips to Surf City are popular for a reason. Four beaches offer one of the greatest expanses of sand along the California coast!
4 Huntington Beaches in Surf City!

Bolsa Chica State Beach
Huntington City Beach
Huntington State Beach
Sunset Beach

Huntington  Beaches  Hours: 6am - 10pm

Bolsa Chica State Beach
Bonfire rings, RV campsites...

Huntington State Beach
Bonfire rings, volleyball nets, concessions...

Huntington City Beach
HB Pier, bonfires, snackbars, hotels, Dog Beach..

Sunset Beach City Beach
Volleyball nets, surfing, swimming, hotels



Huntington Beach certainly offers its own state of mind primarily due to its beaches -- all four of them. Annexing of a one-mile unincorporated Sunset Beach began in 2010, and Huntington Beach now is comprised of four beaches spanning close to 10 miles distance.